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AGC Architectural Glass

AGC Glass Europe Sales SA/NV produces, processes and distributes glass products. The Company retails a range of flat, glazed, decorative, replacement, and photovoltaic panel glass. AGC Glass Europe Sales serves clients from the construction, automotive, interior decoration, and energy industries worldwide.

AGC Glass – Europe products offers a broad spectrum of products used in architecture and design in a wide variety of applications. Their products range from Coated glass for greater thermal insulation or solar protection; Laminated or fire-resistant glass for greater safety; Acoustic insulated glass for optimized Acoustic comfort; Mirrors and decorative glass for interior décor and glass with embedded LEDs that interacts with the environment.

  1. A. AGC Basic Float Glasses - The perfect base for every value-added product

    • ▸ Clear Float Glasses
    • Product Range:
      1. Planibel Clearlite
      2. Planibel Clearvision
      3. Planibel Linea Azzurra
      More information, refer Float Glass | AGC Yourglass

    • ▸ Colored Float Glasses
    • Product Range:
      1. Planibel Bronze
      2. Planibel Grey
      3. Planibel Green
      4. Planibel PrivaBlue
      5. Planibel Dark Blue
      6. Planibel Azur
      7. Panasap Dark Blue
      8. Panasap Bluegreen
      More information, refer Float Glass | AGC Yourglass

  2. B. External Glasses: State of the Art, Energy Efficient, High performance, Hard Coated Glass:

    • ▸ Solar Controlled Hard-Coated Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Stopsol Classic Clear
      2. Stopsol Classic Bronze
      3. Stopsol Classic Grey
      4. Stopsol Classic Green
      5. Stopsol Classic Dark Blue
      6. Stopsol Supersilver Clear
      7. Stopsol Supersilver Grey
      8. Stopsol Supersilver Green
      9. Stopsol Supersilver Dark Blue
      10. Stopsol Silverlight PrivaBlue
      11. Stopsol Supersilver Bluegreen
      More information, refer Stopsol | AGC Yourglass

    • ▸ Thermal Insulated, Clear Hard-Coated Low E Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Planibel G
      2. Planibel G Fast
      More information, refer Planibel LowE | AGC Yourglass

    • ▸ High Performance Hard-Coated Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Sunergy Clear
      2. Sunergy Grey
      3. Sunergy Azur
      4. Sunergy Dark Blue
      More information, refer Sunergy | AGC Yourglass

  3. C. Laminate Glasses: Annealed Laminated Glass:
  4. D. Interior Glasses: High Quality Belgian Decorative Glasses:
    • ▸ Clear and colored Mirror Glass referred to as the MIROX MNGE
    • Product Range:
      1. Mirox MNGE Clear
      2. Mirox MNGE Clear Vision
      3. Mirox MNGE Black
      4. Mirox MNGE Bronze
      5. Mirox MNGE Priva Blue
      6. Mirox MNGE Green
      7. Mirox MNGE Grey
      8. Mirox MNGE Clear Safe+
      9. Mirox MNGE Clear Vision Safe+
      10. Mirox MNGE Black Safe+
      11. Mirox MNGE Bronze Safe+
      12. Mirox MNGE Priva Blue Safe+
      13. Mirox MNGE Green Safe+
      14. Mirox MNGE Grey Safe+
      15. Mirold Morena - Antique Mirror
      More information, refer Mirox MNGE | AGC Yourglass

    • ▸ Back-painted Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Lacobel - Glossy Back Painted Glass with Safety Film
      2. Lacobel T – Temperable Glossy Back Painted Glass
      3. Matelac – Mat Finish Back Painted Glass with Safety Film
      4. Matelac T – Temperable Mat Finish Back Painted Glass
      4. Matelac T – Temperable Mat Finish Back Painted Glass
      4. My Colour By Lacobel/Matelac - Custom colour service for a stunning impact
      More information, refer Back Painted | AGC Yourglass MyColour | AGC Yourglass

    • ▸ Acid Etched Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Matelux ClearVision
      2. Matelux Bronze
      3. Matelux Linea Azzurra
      4. Matelux Grey
      5. Matelux Dark Grey
      6. Matelux Light – Clear, slightly acid-etched translucent float glass with soft touch feel
      7. Matelux Double Sided – Clear float glass acid-etched on both sides
      8. Matelux Anti-Slip – Designed for floors and stairs
      9. Matelux Stopsol Supersilver Clear – Acid-etched Stopsol reflective glass
      More information, refer Matelux | AGC Yourglass

  5. E. Fire Rated Glasses:
    • ▸ Fire Rated Glass
    • Product Range:
      1. Polished Georgian Wired Clear
      2. Pyrobel (ITE)
      3. Vision Line
      4. Pyrobel T
      5. Pyropane
      More information, refer Fire Rated | AGC Pyrobel

  6. F. Special Application Glasses:
For more information on AGC Glass Europe Sales SA/NV Products, Please Contact Us.